Charcoal is the lightweight black carbon and ash residue hydrocarbon produced by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances.



Premium XL Restaurant grade 100% Charcoal
 Granulometry:  40-200mm
 Fixed Carbon FC:  70% min.
 Moisture:  8% max.
 Ash:  4% max.
 High calorific value:  7800 Kcal/Kg
 Filtered:  No dust, no sand
 Burning time:  4-5 hours

Briquette Charcoal

  • Machine-made Charcoal
  • High Quality Sawdust Briquette Charcoal
  • 100% Sawdust as raw material. No chemical content.
  • Highly Carbonized Charcoal
  • Long burning duration time with strong heat
  • Flameless, Smokeless, Odorless and No spark
  • Suitable for BBQ, restaurants and industrial purposes
  • Non Toxic
  • Direct Manufacturer / Factory
  • Safe and Food Grade Charcoal
  • Exported to: Australia, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.
  • Packing: 10kg,12kg, 18kg carton box, white plastic bag inner, straps outside
    15T/20GP or 26.5T/40HQ


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